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I am Cathy Fulton and I became a world nomad 2014. Traveling has become a way of life for me. Except for the fact that I am a citizen of the United States, I don’t have a residence.

Hiking above Lake Titicaca in Peru

I travel solo and independently. This means that I plan and book all my own travel and don’t go on organized tours. My goal is to travel cheaply so that it is financially sustainable for me. This means that hostel dorm rooms and small guest houses are often my temporary homes.

I don’t know how many times I have heard, “You are…

Travel. Travel Planning

While I plan a two-month train journey

(All images composed by the author.)

I love to plan trips almost as much as I love to take them. During my lifetime, I have created several detailed itineraries that were never used. But I love the puzzle and investigation process the planning entails. Like a dedicated sudoku player, I never feel my time is wasted.

As the planning progresses, I create a number of personalized documents that will become indispensable once travel begins.

A Planning Document

Having a central place to record the details of my itinerary is key to keeping everything straight. I create a new section in a text document (I use MS Word) for each…

Travel. Air fares

And a possible solution?

(All images composed by the author from screenshots.)

Why I Wrote this Rant

I have been preparing a series of articles showing my method of planning a complex and lengthy trip by train across Europe to Central Asia. In the process of working on my post about how I research fares, I found myself writing off on a tangent that turned into a full-blown rant about navigating the labyrinth of airfare possibilities.

The “Good-Ole Days”

I am not young, so I remember the days when airlines did not try to “nickel and dime” you to death. I really want to go back to the days when:

  • You bought a ticket, which included 1–2 checked bags and…

Travel. Tips. Low-Season.

Lessons from a winter in Ireland and Scotland

(All images by the author.)

I am currently planning a six-week train trip from London to Tbilisi for this winter (fingers crossed!) I decided to share my experiences and suggestions for low-season journeys and encourage you to consider the benefits of timing your travels outside the busy high-season months around the world. It is a way to travel “off the beaten track” but in a different way.

I discovered the joys of low-season travel in 2018. I was in Europe and had intended to return home by the first of the year. My Schengen zone visa had expired, and I just was not ready to…

Travel. Peru. Sacred Valley. South America.

Paths Off-the-Beaten-Path.

©2015 Cathy Fulton

Wherever I travel, I like to walk and walk — not just in the wilderness, but in and between villages. Not only does it give you time to absorb your surroundings, but you have the opportunity to encounter and get to know locals. Here are a few of the walks and hikes I enjoyed in the Sacred Valley.

Travel. Peru. Sacred Valley. South America.

From Pisac to Ollantaytambo.

Image by the author.

I have spent a total of eight months in Peru and have not yet visited Machu Picchu.

Usually, when I tell someone that I have spent a lot of time in Peru, the first thing out of their mouth is “Machu Picchu.” And I cannot figure out why. Because…outside of Machu Picchu is a wonderful place called the Sacred Valley. Most visitors do take a cursory glance at the Sacred Valley — going to Pisac and Ollaytantambo, and maybe Moray. …

Travel Tips. Airport Taxis

Especially when you have no intention to hire a taxi

Photo by Atharva Whaval on Unsplash

I arrived at the airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan mid-morning. I hate overnight flights. I can no longer sleep on an airplane, no matter how much I pretend. This flight was no different, except that it did not help that “dinner” was served at 2 a.m. with all the accompanying chatter and lights. I should not complain, cheap seats are cheap seats and the goal was reached: Kyrgyzstan, a destination just a little outside my comfort zone.

I am beginning to feel like a seasoned traveler so I am going to pass along some airport advice.

The Arrival Gauntlet

You finally arrive in a…


Sketchpads on the Beach

(All photos by the author)

It was a typical April day on the isle of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. I had to wear a warm coat, but at least it was not raining or really windy. I had embarked on a hike that was feeling kind of average — not quite boring. After about an hour, I had the choice to loop back around and return to my cozy hostel or take a spur down to the beach.

Beaches are nice and the ones in the Hebrides are quite stunning, but I had been walking along the coast every…

Travel Tips

Here’s how I did it

(All images by the author.)

I am, by nature, a person who watches where their money is spent. Some friends and family members have gone so far as to label me “cheap” and “penny-pinching.” However, if I had not watched those pennies/rupees/ soles/soms over the past few years, I would no longer be able to hop around the world the way I do.

I spent 13 months in Europe during 2017–18 for less than $1,400 USD per month. And then, I hopped over to Asia and spent even less — including my airfare and travel insurance.

Here are 18 ways…

Travel. Portugal. Walking

Walking the Vineyards from Castedo to Pinhao

Vineyard in the Douro Valley of Portugal — in the fall.

All photos and video by the author.

In November 2017, I completed my Camino de Santiago and retreated to the sweet Portuguese town of Alijo in the Douro Valley for three weeks. After over 40 days on the Camino, you would think I had had enough walking. But quite often I found myself picking up my trekking poles and embarking on short hikes through the vineyards during this off-season. This is the story of one of those days.

November 29, 2017

I am lingering in the Douro River Valley here in Portugal. Sometimes, when I walk through the countryside, I feel like I…

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